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Why You Should Stop Sending Out 50 Resumes a Day


Many job seekers start off wanting to print out and hand out or email 50 resumes as soon as they lose a position. This scattershot approach may seem logical but in the end it won't get you the job you want. Here are some reasons it doesn't work.

On job application sites there are often scanning software programs that toss your resume if you don't have matching words.

If you are handing it to a person you cannot be assured that it gets through to the person you need it to. That front desk person may have a friend who also wants the job. If the next person it is handed to is disorganized, it may be lost on their desk for months and finally thrown in the recycle bin. If the hiring person finally sees it they may have their own personal "scanning software" and if they don't see the skills they need for the job, they may toss it.

Worst of all, if you are not keeping track of those 50 places a day that you sent it to, how are you going to know what they job is you were applying for, if any.

It is better to slow down and make one resume a day that is the best for the job you are applying for.


You wouldn't go into a gym and try to do 50 reps on a weight machine set at the highest setting would you?

When you want the highest quality job that matches your skill, slow down.

By preparing one resume a day you will find some of the following changes occur:

You get a better idea of what kind of job you really want, not just any job.

You learn how different companies use different language to describe their skills. Some may be briefer, some more in depth. Some may change the name of the people they serve (i.e. clients, customers, patrons or the public)

You learn that you can tweak a resume from a day or two before, because another job is looking for similar skills and has a a similar language.

You learn to take out information that is not important to the company you are applying for and thus keep the reader engaged.

Best of all, you realize that you feel more confident about the job you are applying for.

So if you slow down you can feel confident and go into an interview knowing you have made a lazer out of your resume. If you send out 50 resumes all you feel is "I hope I get a job."


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